Code search + intelligence

Sourcegraph is a fast, solid, full-featured code navigation engine. Get cross-repository code intelligence (tooltips, jump to definition, symbol search) on all public code and on your private code. Either on or code hosted on your own servers.

Code intelligence
Jump to a GitHub repository to see how it works.
Enterprise code intelligence
Scalable code search and intelligence engine for large teams.

Code intelligence

View all references

See everywhere a function or package is used, and who's using it.

View the authors of any file

See blame information inline with a simple toggle.

Search by symbol

Quickly jump to a variable or function anywhere in a repository.

Sourcegraph is used by developers all around the world:

"Sourcegraph brings the tools I used to have at Google to my engineers today, allowing us to use best in class developer tools at every stage of our company’s growth."

Ming Jiang CTO at Redtea Mobile

"Learning a new code base using @srcgraph is extra dope!"

Kelsey Hightower